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Nevada State Board of Education

What is the State Board of Education & what are they responsible for? The Nevada State Board of Education adopts regulations based on Nevada laws, which are passed down to individual school districts in Nevada to implement. The Board has 11 total (7 appointed and 4 publicly elected) members.

How often does the State Board meet? The Nevada State Board of Education meets once per month on Thursdays at 9:00 AM or 2:00 PM. Click here to see the 2022 Board Meeting Schedule. Click here to visit Hope For Nevada’s #NVEd Calendar.

Can community members engage at State Board Meetings? A time for public comment is provided at the beginning (for agenda items) and at the conclusion (on any matter) of each Board meeting. Members of the public may provide public comment in writing via email; public comment will be accepted via email for the duration of the meeting and shared with the State Board of Education during the public comment periods. Public comment may be emailed to

Click here for a list of all State Board Members.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Nevada State Board of Education Meeting

Click here to see the regular SBOE meeting agenda.

Click here to watch the meeting playback.

What happened at the regular meeting?

Public Comment #1

  • High school start times under state vs. local control

President’s Report

  • Gratitude to the outgoing student representative on the board, and introducing Michael Keyes, the new student representative
  • Represented the State Board on the Portrait Perspectives panel for Portrait of a Learner, which featured students, educators, and other community stakeholders
  • Introducing a new final Portrait of a Learner, and refining concepts and priorities for the Portrait moving forward

Superintendent’s Report

  • Introducing Ann Marie Dickson as Deputy Superintendent for Student Achievement
  • Legislative Session Updates: Governor signed AB54 (hospital education plans); AB65 (kindergarten start dates); approval of work-based learning plans. SB9 eliminates end-of-course exams and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. A deep dive will take place at the July Board meeting after the window for signing and special sessions have concluded.
  • Press release announcing the distribution of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) Stronger Connections grant funds
  • Nevada Association of School Superintendents Conference: Portrait of a Learner was part of the discussion as part of the NASS Conference; several school districts presented on student successes, student achievement, and more.

Board Approved the Consent Agenda

Highlights included:

Items A and B, petitions for revocations for educator licenses, were pulled and will be heard at the July meeting.

Board Heard Updates from Boys Town & Opportunity 180

Boys Town presented how its programs and services impact students and families, as well as school climate. Services include teacher training, consultation, school support specialists, parent education, care coordination, administrative intervention, and in-home family services. The Guinn Center recently completed a focus group analysis on education and social policy, emphasizing the importance of providers in delivering critical supplemental services for students.

In the 2022-23 school year, Boys Town provided direct in-school support to 39 schools, and wraparound services to 24 schools. In the 2023-24 school year, it will provide direct support to 63 schools, and wraparound services to 20 schools. Learn more about the organization here.

Explore the presentation from Boys Town.

Opportunity 180 presented several school leader fellowships and development programs offered by the organization through several national and local partners. To-date, 97 leaders have participated in a fellowship or extended learning opportunity and 152 have participated in a workshop or introductory opportunity. The organization aims to cultivate at least 650 aspiring or existing school leaders by 2031.

Fellowship opportunities include Design To EdRupt, the National Fellowship for Black and Latino Male Educators, Transcend, and the school accelerator program. More information on fellowship opportunities can be found here.

Explore the presentation from Opportunity 180.

Board Discussed High School Start Time Regulation Language

Several workshops were held earlier in 2023 to determine potential changes to high school start times in the state. Trustees discussed leaving start times to local districts to determine, but having the State Board determine guardrails and enforcing flexibility and choice. Additional discussion took place on continually revisiting stakeholder engagement at regular intervals to ensure the start times are still meeting student needs, and ensuring all students impacted (including elementary and middle school students) are informed.

Staff will begin drafting language based on the key takeaways from the workshops and today’s discussion. The draft will be presented at a later Board meeting.

Board Discussed Future Agenda Items

The board reviewed the following items for inclusion in the 2023 calendar:

  • Class size reduction
  • Legislative session debrief
  • Milken Award recipients

Public Comment #2

  • Equity among students in public education systems


The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, July 26, at 9:00 a.m.

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