How We Work


Providing good, accessible data for informed decisions

Good Data provide the common language for all of us to use as we work in service of ensuring every kid graduates from high school college and career ready. By ensuring consistent and clear access to the most up-to-date school data available, families and community members can make decisions and have informed conversations about their local schools, schools that are right for them, and other data relevant for their school experience. This provides a consistent understanding about how schools are performing and how we can all work together on behalf of Nevada students.

Data Portal

Great Schools All Kids

The Great Schools All Kids Data Portal provides statewide data on public school performance, and reflects the most recent Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) results. It is available in English, Spanish, and Tagalog, both on mobile and desktop devices.

Great Schools All Kids Data Portal Features

School Finder Tool
Not sure which school to search for? This tool displays a list of all public schools located near a specified address. Sort through all nearby schools by academic performance (star rating), enrollment, or student population. Find any district school, public charter school, and/or a magnet school located closest to a specified zip code.

School Comparison
In response to community feedback, a compare feature is available to get side-by-side comparisons of up to three schools of the same grade configuration (elementary, middle, or high schools).

Equity Data
The portal includes student performance data by subgroup, an important component to assess how a school is serving all student populations.

Year-Over-Year Comparison
The portal displays the most recent school performance data, including the change in results year-over-year (increased, decreased, or stayed the same).

Tools & Resources
 The Great Schools All Kids data portal has several tools on different types of schools, processes, community resources, and toolkits on family engagement.

Sharing Features
Share your findings with family members, friends, neighbors, and your elected officials to have a conversation about school performance and engagement opportunities.

Priority Footprint Maps

2020 Priority Footprint Heat Map

We created the Priority Footprint Maps in an effort to focus our work where there is the greatest need. These maps highlight the Clark County zip codes with the highest concentration of elementary students attending low-performing schools (i.e. schools that received a one- or two-star rating on the Nevada School Performance Framework)

School Quality Maps

snippet of school quality map

Discover the state’s most effective education programs and pinpoint areas for improvement with our interactive school quality map. This tool provides a look at Nevada’s public school system and empowers parents, educators, and community members with the knowledge to make informed decisions about education.