Where To Go


Families know their student’s needs, talents, motivation, and interests better than anyone else. When families are engaged and informed, they are an integral partner in educational outcomes, helping to make schools great and give kids the support they need to thrive. Check out some of the resources available to families below.

preschool aged child walking while holding a woman's hand

Current Schools

Our school partners are committed to ensuring every kid has access to a high-quality education, no matter their zip code. As they serve students and families in Nevada, we ensure they are supported in ways that maximize their impact.

Prospective Schools

We partner with schools to launch, sustain, and/or replicate great schools that will serve students in areas of the greatest need. Supporting prospective schools and their leaders in developing their schools and moving them along the process to funding, authorization, and operations is a core piece of our Great Schools lever and our North Star. Prospective schools and school leaders can find a variety of ways to engage with our team.


Opportunity 180 is activating networks of educators so they can spread innovative ideas that will lead to great outcomes for kids. By getting to know each educational leader and process, we match high-potential leaders to opportunities that best align to their skills, their values and their personal educational leadership journey.

Community Members

Whether you are a family member, employer, community stakeholder, elected official, or a concerned resident of Nevada who wants to get more involved in better educational outcomes for every kid, we want to hear from you and have you involved in our community engagement efforts.