Why Our Work Matters

Putting Kids First

At the heart of our efforts is a focus on creating conditions for great schools and school leaders to thrive. By fostering an education ecosystem that prioritizes good data, good governance, and community engagement, we can grow the number of excellent schools and school leaders in our communities. This will help us ensure that every student has access to the high-quality education they deserve.

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Our Impact


public charter and district schools supported


high-quality seats
available for students


hours of meetings in 2022 condensed into Ed-Watch bulletins


users of the Great Schools All Kids
data portal


connections with educators and
aspiring educational leaders

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Advocacy: Legislative Evaluation

To support our North Star, we work to ensure a policy landscape that promotes every single kid having access to a high-quality, free public education and is not limited in opportunity to achieve their dreams. We work with our local elected leaders, community stakeholders, and national partners to advocate for policies and practices that enable great schools and students to thrive.

School Quality Map

Ensuring every kid has access to a great school requires an understanding about the areas of greatest need in our communities. The School Quality Map provides the location, quality, and enrollment of all public K-12 schools in Nevada. You can filter by school level, star rating, enrollment type, county, and Congressional / Senate / Assembly district.

This is a useful tool for:

  • School leaders looking to open or expand a school in Nevada
  • Families looking for more information about schools in their area
  • Elected officials wanting to see the distribution of school performance in their district
  • Anyone interested in exploring the areas of greatest educational opportunity in our community