How We Work


Partnering with schools for access to high-quality education

Central to our North Star of every kid graduating from high school college and career ready is every kid having access to a high-quality school. We partner with schools to launch, sustain, and/or replicate great schools that ensure every kid, especially those most underserved, have that access to the opportunities provided by a great education.

Strategic Funder

Funding resources to accelerate student outcomes, we provide multiple avenues of support for schools in different stages of their development:

to Launch

In preparing to launch schools, we invest in and support schools aligned with our mission and North Star with planning and operating grants, family and community engagement, leadership capacity building, and financial stability.

Accelerate and Sustain Success

In accelerating and sustaining that school’s success, we support additional capacity building, leadership development, facilities, transportation, operations, and building coalitions in service of giving more kids access to high quality education.

Replication (as desired)

In replicating a successful school or school concept, we engage with schools in capacity building and leadership development to support additional future campuses.

Strategic Partner

We believe that schools thrive with the right support systems. We collaborate with schools in three distinct ways:

Connectivity and Problem Solving

We convene our partner schools both in-person and virtually to build relationships, share knowledge, best practices, and tools for success.

Fostering Learning and Innovation

We offer a range of academic development opportunities that provide school executives, future school leaders, and teacher leaders with national caliber professional development and coaching.

Growing and Sustaining Success

We work with the boards, leadership, and teams of the most effective and innovative educators in our portfolio of schools to develop tailored strategic plans focused on increasing impact.

If you are interested in learning more about our development opportunities for school leaders (both existing and aspiring), check out our fellowships and learning opportunities! Connect with us for details or join our team!