How We Work


Creating conditions to help great schools through good governance

Good governance leads to great schools that give students the opportunity to be successful in college, career, and their community. Our work aims to ensure that Governance is student-focused and decisions include proven strategies and sustainable models. This leads to increased student outcomes, bolstering the voice of families and caregivers, and crafting thoughtful and impactful policies. We work in distinctive ways to create the conditions where good governance – and great schools – can thrive.

Request for Information for Transportation Services for 4MATIV Technologies, Opportunity 180, and 15 Nevada Charter Schools – Click here to access the documents.

Request for Proposals for Technical Assistance to the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority to Update the Academic, Financial, and Organizational Frameworks – Click here to access the document.

Charter School Board Matching

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We work with public charter schools looking to add board members with prospective board member candidates who have a students-first approach. We provide a matching program, as well as board candidate training, to support both the school and the individual.

Governance Trainings

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In our charter school program, we team up with national partners to conduct continuous governance trainings for charter school boards, prioritizing student-focused and efficient school operations. Our tailored development programs empower board members to make informed decisions that benefit the students.

Accessible Information

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Explore the School Board Trustee Voter Guide during election years. These information guides feature responses to questionnaires from local school board candidates to provide additional information about their candidacy.

Ed-Watch bulletins quickly summarize actions taken at local and state school board meetings – including Clark County and Washoe County School Districts, the State Board of Education, and the State Public Charter School Authority – so community members can keep up with decisions made at a local level.


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We are dedicated to advocating for well-informed, impactful policies that prioritize improving student outcomes. Our mission is to ensure every child has equal opportunities for success in both college and career.

Getting involved in education policy can be as simple as signing the “I Stand With Kids” pledge to stand with kids for improved educational outcomes. Participate in a way that is meaningful to you, from sharing information with friends and family to talking to your legislators about proposed legislation.