Opportunity 180 was proud to testify in support of AB 241, sponsored by Assemblywoman Erica Mosca. The bill would would opt high school students in the College and Career Ready diploma path, which provides additional math, science, and career and college preparatory coursework. Students would be able to opt-out into the standard diploma track. This bill would help ensure kids are college and career-ready by the time they graduate high school, preparing them for the demands of post-secondary school and the workforce. It creates high expectations for students and ensures every kid is on a path for success in their next step.

Explore our testimony below and why we are supporting the bill in service of our North Star of every kid graduating from high school college and career-ready.

You can also access the committee hearing recording here.


  • AB 241 will provide a foundation for every single kid in Nevada to be on a track where they are prepared for that next step – whether it is college or advancing directly to the workforce. 
  • Furthermore, the College and Career Ready Diploma track is not accessible for every student. Simply put, too many students are leaving high school without these critical foundations for their success, putting them at a significant disadvantage at a pivotal moment in their lives.
  • The coursework involved in the College and Career Ready Diploma program helps students to be prepared, active participants in our community and our democracy. This is significant, as we know that high paying jobs in the next two decades will require higher skilled employees. AB 241 is well positioned to prepare kids to obtain those necessary skills. 
  • Lastly, this bill sets high expectations and sends a powerful message that every kid deserves the opportunity to succeed.
  • By enrolling every high school student in the College and Career Ready diploma, we will be putting every kid on a path to success beyond high school, and creating opportunities for brighter futures for kids, families, and our communities. 
  • This bill is an opportunity to put every single kid on that path and transform thousands of lives and the trajectory of education for our state.
  • For these reasons, we are proud to support AB 241 and appreciate the committee’s consideration of this bill.