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Washoe County School District Board of Trustees

What is the Board of Trustees & what are they responsible for? The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees are publicly elected decision-makers for the school district. They are responsible for providing oversight to the Superintendent and establishing District-wide policy. Trustees are accountable to work with their communities to improve student achievement.

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How often does the Board of Trustees meet? Trustees meet twice per month (second and fourth Tuesdays) at 2 pm both virtually and at the Central Administration Building Board Room, 425 E. 9th St., Reno, NV 89512.

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Can community members engage at Trustee meetings? Decision-making bodies benefit greatly from hearing public input and multiple perspectives. Currently, members of the public can submit comments on agenda and non-agenda items through email or voice recording. Public comment can be provided in person or via email. Email comments should be submitted to

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Washoe County School District Board of Trustees Meeting

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What happened at this meeting?

Trustees Approved the Consent Agenda

Consent agenda highlights include:

Explore the consent agenda here.

Trustees Discussed a Request by Trustee Church Regarding Concerns on the Hiring of the Position of Chief of Police for WCSD

Trustee Church, under Board Policy 4410 – Talent Acquisition, requested discussion regarding the hiring of Mr. Tracy Moore for the position of Chief of Police for WCSD. Mr. Moore was provided a contingent offer of employment on January 11 from WCSD.Concerns from Trustee Church were related to POST certification, command or administration experience, and education of the candidate. Per this board policy, Trustee Church contested his professional competence. After discussion and public comment, Mr. Moore’s contingent offer of employment stood as-is.

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Trustees Received an Update on FY 2024-25 Budget

Trustees discussed several items related to updates to the FY 2024-25 budget, including general fund increases and deficits. Revenue increases occurred in the form of per-pupil funding increases of 5%, an investment earnings increase, and turnover savings. Revenue decreases and cost pressures include declining enrollment, indirect cost revenue decrease with the end of ESSER, and other increased costs (step raises, cost of living adjustments, insurance rates, etc.).

Major themes of the strategic plan and items actionable in this school year and next school year (and both) were reviewed, as well as weighted funding for certain students and acceptable uses of some weighted funding, including at-risk and EL funding. Major themes relating to the strategic plan include additional supports to highest need schools and students, additional positions, other class size reductions, stabilizing funding, addressing chronic absenteeism, supporting Pre-K programs, and system-wide improvements and other needs.

Immediate recommendations include providing a dean at each elementary school; using weighted funds to provide LFs at highest need schools; continuing current dean/assistant principal ratios at middle school; adding a fixed teacher allocation to support current dual-language programs; and providing two campus supervisors at each high school greater than 1,000 students (one supervisor for schools with fewer than 1,000 students).

Additional recommendations brought forth include transportation to the Innovations program, support for dual language programs and special education programs, and the importance of athletic director positions.

Trustees approved moving forward with the immediate recommendations above, as well as directed the Superintendent to analyze and report back to the Board specific budget issues, items, or other changes to the Strategic Plan budget, weighted funding, and FY 2024-25 budget process.

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Trustees Discussed FY 2023-24 Strategic Plan and Weighted Funding Budget Update

An allocation of $10 million was approved in FY 2023-24 for strategic plan programs and initiatives. Recommended uses for the remaining $9.7 million include:

  • Begin recruitment for newly approved positions as part of the Spring hiring process (including the dean at each elementary school and LFs at highest need schools, fixed teacher allocations, and campus supervisors mentioned in the above agenda item)
  • Move forward with the acquisition of recommended instructional materials and new software
  • Use unused funding for capital outlay/equipment (expansion of Promethean Active Boards, audio enhancements, etc.)
  • Funding expenses needed for the start of the school in FY 2024-25 (supplies, equipment, etc.)
  • Add mid-year allocations for schools with increasing enrollment that triggered new positions
  • Expanding Child Find
  • Designing and launching a new WCSD website
  • Waiving/eliminating AP, IB, and dual credit fees
  • Implementing additional EL resources

Trustees approved the Superintendent implementing the purchase of software, programs, new positions, and other items related to the Strategic Plan Budget and weighted funding for FY 2023-24.

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Trustees Reviewed Strategic Plan Goal 1: Strong Start for Every Child

The District’s strategic plan’s first goal is a strong start for every child, with at least 15 out of every 20 students proficient in English Language Arts (ELA) and math by the end of Grade 3. Strategies for implementation include an aligned P-3 strategies that provides strong core curriculum, and a county-wide network of early learning programs. On pause is the launch of a kindergarten jumpstart program district-wide.

Pre-K programs are located within 57 schools, in 106 classrooms (71 early childhood special education, and 35 general education grant-funded, and three Early Head Start). There are 1,206 total Pre-K students as of October 1, 2023.

Supports for P-3 learning include i-Ready, MyPath, and small group; Frog Street Curriculum; Benchmark Advance, Bridges in Mathematics, envision MATH, and FOSS Next Generation curriculum; LETRS professional learning for reading; professional learning communities; and master teachers and capacity builders. Community supports and resources are also in place for students and families. Assessments are in place to ensure students are on grade-level and promote a culture of accountability.

Explore the presentation and appendix.

Trustees Approved Revisions to Board Policy 9065 – Board of Trustees’ Compensation and Expenses

Trustees approved changes to Board Policy 9065, to clarify the amount Trustees may use from their individual budget accounts to attend events that serve Washoe County and the local area. Trustees may use $1500 of their individual budget accounts to attend non-profit and/or not-for-profits events with conditions, as well as mileage to and from the event. This approval initiates the 13-day public review and comment period.

Trustees changed language to specify events to be Washoe County-serving, 501(c)(3) non-profit events.

Explore the proposed changes.

Trustee Reports

Report highlights included:

  • Attending various community events, including the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society gala honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and the regularly scheduled NIAA meeting
  • Participating in student and school events
  • Recognizing various District employees
  • Celebrating various student athletic teams for state championships
  • Paying tribute to former Regent and legislator, Dr. Jason Geddes

Interim Superintendent’s Report

Report highlights included:

  • Attending the annual tribal consultation, with greater attendance than in previous years
  • Meeting with University of Nevada, Reno on concurrent enrollment programs
  • Conducting and setting up various school visits and community meetings
  • Recognizing the Interim Chief Police and staff as they supported Clark County School District’s Police Department in the aftermath of the loss of an officer

Public Comment

  • Concerns regarding reading material available to students

The next Meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for February 13, 2024, at 2:00 p.m.

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