Liberated Minds Micro Academy of Excellence

About Liberated Minds Micro Academy of Excellence: 

We are an organization that belongs to the community, primarily the young people. Liberated Learners lead by creating hate-free spaces. At Liberated Mind Micro Academy of Excellence, young people will be in positions to lead and create the changes they want to see, especially in educational spaces.

The mission of LMMAOE is to educate, organize, and empower  grade 6-8 Liberated Learners to have autonomy over their education while learning to disrupt oppressive systems.

About the Founder:

Akiko-Ayalla Cooks is a Co-Founder of No Racism in sSchools #1865, focused on rapid response to racially motivated incidents in Clark County for families who seek advocacy and justice. As a firm believer that young people should be taught how to think, not what to think – she is now launching Liberated Minds Micro Academy of Excellence. A brave space for Liberated Learners to have autonomy of their educational experience while engaging with local and global social justice issues.





More About Design to EdRupt

Opportunity 180’s Design to EdRupt fellowship looks to disrupt the current educational landscape by surfacing and supporting underrepresented PreK-12 future and current education leaders and helping to reimagine the future of learning. During the fellowship, individuals explore the idea of designing and launching a new learning environment, such as a school or program.

The fellowship exists in three stages: Explore, where fellows assess and explore their leadership readiness to design and launch a new school or program; Cultivate, where fellows pilot their ideas; and Prepare to Launch. Their programs and school concepts will ensure more kids have access to innovative, high quality learning environments, and ensuring every kid can graduate from high school college and career-ready, prepared to live the life they dream. Mike is one of our Cultivate Cohort I fellows. For more information, click here.