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Partnering with schools to create lasting impact in communities of need

We partner with schools to launch, sustain, and/or replicate great schools that will serve students in areas of the greatest need. Supporting prospective schools and their leaders in developing their schools and moving them along the process to funding, authorization, and operations is a core piece of our Great Schools lever and our North Star.

Prospective schools and school leaders can find a variety of ways to engage with our team. You can also reach out – we’re looking forward to speaking with you about your school!


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Opportunity 180, as Nevada’s Charter School Program grantee, increases high-quality public charters in areas of need. We offer planning & support grants for innovative schools, ensuring every child has access to top education in their neighborhood.

FAQs for Launching a School

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Explore these commonly asked questions about public charter school authorization and operation in Nevada, including state demographics, authorizing, recruiting, governance and autonomy, and conditions for success.

School Accelerators

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Working alongside district leaders & national partners, we engage in multi-year strategic planning, goal setting, & analyzing strengths, challenges, & opportunities to ensure long-term student and school success.

Leadership and Development Opportunities


Besides grants, we offer fellowships, workshops & various development opportunities for aspiring & current school leaders. Explore our leadership development programs & connect with our team to plan your next steps.

Board Matching

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Looking for board members aligned with your mission, or who have specific expertise? Our team offers a matching service for potential charter school board members to align student-first individuals with charter school partners.

Mapa de calidad escolar

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Utilize our comprehensive School Quality Map to identify ideal school locations based on the greatest need. Filter results by star rating, zip code, district, and more to make informed decisions. Begin your strategic search now.

Clark County Facility Tool

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Our map reveals zip code needs by considering a region’s average school facilities utilization rate & surplus enrollment. Employ this valuable tool for efficient facilities & location planning. Embark on strategic planning with confidence.

Explore Schools We Support

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Partner with us for school success & join esteemed collaborators! Discover the schools contributing to our goal: 100,000 high-quality education seats by 2030. Together, we’ll shape a brighter future.