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Nevada school partners ensure quality education for all.

Nuestras escuelas asociadas se comprometen a garantizar que todos los niños tengan acceso a una educación de alta calidad, independientemente de su código postal. A medida que atienden a los estudiantes y a las familias de Nevada, nos aseguramos de que reciban el apoyo necesario para maximizar su impacto.


Escuela Secundaria de Oficios del Sur de Nevada

Southern Nevada Trades High School is a public charter school, open to all students. The school grew from a partnership between local industry and educators with a desire to provide Las Vegas high school students a quality education that prepares them for both college and career. Through innovative career and technical training, aligned academics, community partnerships, and individualized college and career-readiness planning, students’ passions for learning are ignited and they are prepared for success in postsecondary education and the workplace.

Development Opportunities

For our school leaders, we offer several fellowships and development opportunities from nationally recognized partners and models to affect change and positively impact students,  families, and their teams.

Schools that receive Great Schools for Nevada Charter School Program grants also participate in our regular Charter School Consortium meetings (both virtual and in-person) for thought partnership, discussions on trends and best practices, and other relevant topics for public charter school leaders.

Great Schools for Nevada Charter School Program Technical Assistance is also available for our schools. You can explore previous sessions and sign up to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Board Matching

If you are seeking board members aligned with your mission and values, or are looking for someone with specific areas of expertise for your board? Our team offers a matching service for potential charter school board members to align student-first individuals with our schools. 

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Discover a family-friendly way to share your school’s data with your families, team, board, and community members.

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Explore the calendar to find opportunities for engaging with our current schools, such as open houses and application deadlines.

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Check out schools aligned with our North Star of every kid graduating from high school college and career-ready, prepared to live the life they dream.