Cómo trabajamos


Collaborating can ensure college and career readiness for every Nevada student.

Nos comprometemos con las familias, los educadores, los líderes de la educación y las partes interesadas de la comunidad en servicio de más niños que se gradúan de la escuela secundaria listos para la universidad y la carrera. El cambio en la educación no se produce a través de una sola organización, sino que es un esfuerzo de colaboración que reúne a diferentes personas, equipos y representantes de todas nuestras comunidades para aportar ideas, soluciones y conversaciones que afectarán a todos los niños de Nevada.

Estoy con los niños

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Join the pledge to participate in advocating for better student outcomes in a way that is meaningful to you. Post on social media, speak with your legislators, or sign up just to receive our monthly newsletter with the latest news from Nevada and around the U.S. on how we can all stand together to improve student outcomes.


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An 18-month fellowship opportunity for those who aren’t in the education sector but want to enact change. Participants gain a understanding of systemic issues, confront bias and equity issues among our education system, and embark on a capstone project that addresses a topic in education important to them.

Family Power Impact Grant

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We’re thrilled to have awarded the inaugural Family Power Impact Grant to four exceptional organizations that share our commitment to family and student empowerment. Our grant is aimed at fostering greater family involvement and ensuring their voices are heard in education decisions.

Community Partnerships

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We work with education organizations, schools, nonprofits, businesses, and a cadre of public and private partners to advance our North Star. If you are interested in partnering on advancing our North Star together through an event or joint communication, please reach out!

Cumbre de la Estrella del Norte

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Our annual event takes place at the end of September and brings together community partners for an impactful half-day of meaningful conversations, next steps, and collaboration. Through these efforts, we work to propel education forward in our state, promoting positive change and improved outcomes for all students.