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What is the Board of Trustees & what are they responsible for? The CCSD Trustees are publicly elected decision-makers for the school district. They are responsible for providing oversight to the Superintendent and establishing District-wide policy. Trustees are accountable to work with their communities to improve student achievement.

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How often does the Board of Trustees meet? Trustees meet twice per month (second and fourth Thursdays) at 5 pm both virtually and at the Edward A. Greer Education Center Board Room (2832 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121).

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Can community members engage at Trustee meetings? Decision-making bodies benefit greatly from hearing public input and multiple perspectives. Currently, members of the public can submit comments on agenda and non-agenda items through email or voice recording. Public comment can be provided in person, via email, or via voice recording. Email comments should be submitted to To submit a voice recording on items listed on the meeting agenda, call 702-799-1166. Voice recorded public comment is limited to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Clark County School District Board of Trustees Meeting

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What happened at this meeting?

Public Comment #1 on Non-Agenda Items

Members of the public shared comments regarding: 

  • Community access to more information about how money is spent.
  • Mental health resources.
  • School safety concerns and the Trustees’ commitment to school communities.  
  • Response to the lifting of the mask mandate.
  • Concerns about long term teacher retention.

Trustees Approve Consent Agenda (7-0)

Consent Agenda Highlights:

  • Implementation of of the Afghan Refugee School Impact Grant
  • Approval of Federal ESSER funds to cover the costs of educators pursuing the English Language Acquisition and Development masters at UNLV. 
  • Employment of Licensed Personnel. 

Members of the public provided comments on the legal contracts and approved settlement.

Access all Consent Agenda items

Trustees Heard an Update on Focus 2024: Strategic Plan Regarding Chronic Absenteeism, Middle School Algebra & Geometry and Graduation Rates

Staff provided an update on three measures associated with the Focus 2024 Strategic Plan. 

Chronic Absenteeism:

The last presentation on Chronic Absenteeism was provided in November 2019. The District had a target of 16.9% in rates of Chronic Absenteeism for the 2021-22 school year – the actual rate to date is 37.1% for the current school year. When compared to seven similar school districts, CCSD had the highest rate of chronic absenteeism.

Explore the Chronic Absenteeism presentation.

Middle School Algebra & Geometry Enrollment:

The last presentation on Middle School Algebra & Geometry Enrollment was provided in November 2019. The intention is to increase and diversify student enrollment and achievement in advanced coursework in all student groups at the District level and at each middle school.  To date, the District is falling short of its 2021-22 target for Algebra although it is on par with the prior school year. The District is exceeding enrollment in Geometry as compared to its target for the 2021-22 school year. 

Explore the Middle School Algebra & Geometry presentation.  

Graduation Rate:

The last presentation on Graduation Rate was provided in January 2020. The recorded four year graduation rate of the District in 2020-21 was 80.9%

2020-21 Graduation Rates by Student Group

Graduation Rate Comparisons

Explore the Graduation Rates presentation

Trustees Heard an Update on the Teachers Health Trust.

Representatives from the Teachers Health Trust provided updates on legacy challenges with the THT system and future mitigating strategies to improve the health system for educators. Future presentations will be provided and regular updates will be provided via public comment in the interim. 

Explore the Teacher’s Health Trust presentation. 

Public Comment #2 on Non-Agenda Items

Members of the public shared comments on this item regarding: 

  • Mask mandate changes. 
  • Concerns related to school safety issues. 
  • Black History Month content.

Next Meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for February 24, 2022 @ 5pm. 

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